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Baker's Dozen Cookie Dough Promotion! 

600 / 12 = 50 free tubs   

Quick, Easy and profitable to help fundraise for your team, your school, your organization...

 We make fundraising easy for your team, school, church or any other group or non-profit organization. Our name says it all. We are here to help you fundraise and get you started today!  



America's most profitable fundraiser

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Premium Collection Award Winning Cookie Dough

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 If you need to plan for fundraiser, you have come to the right place. Give us a call any time and we will be glad to work with you. is the right place for your next fundraising event. Our name is says it all help fundraise. We help fundraise for schools, youth groups, sports teams churches, social organizations raise the funds they need to make their organization successful. With our fundraising solutions we can help fundraise so you can be earning up to 90% profit.

We have fundraiser products for all your needs. Select from some of our favorites like scratch card fundraisers that include your group name as well as a matching theme to match your fundraising group. We have frozen foods including the favorites such as our award winning cookie dough fundraiser. We have candle fundraising as well as candy bar fundraisers. 

You can explore all our great fundraisers by selecting them on the left hand menu bar. We will be glad to send you a fundraising sample kit. fundraising sample kit.   Kit includes a sample scratch card fundraiser as well as our brochures for all the other great fundraisers. You can see some of the brochures and information on line as well if you like at Fundraiser Information and Brochures. We are here to help fundraise for your group.

We also can send you actual samples of any of our frozen food fundraising products as well as our candle samples. Schools, you can see for yourself how great these fundraising products are. Once you taste our delicious cookie dough, you will know why so much of it is sold. Our Candles have beautiful fragrances that can warm up anyone's home. See for yourself. Get samples for your PTA group/booster club as well as any other committee responsible for selecting the fundraiser products. 

Order Cookie Dough Fundraising Samples

Order Candle Fundraiser Samples

Don't wait. Call us or order our sample fundraising kit now, so that you can start preparing for your next big fundraiser. We understand the fundraising process with different types of fundraising and non profit groups. You need to bring the information to a committee or parent group at your daycare or elementary school and show them how profitable they are. This is why you need our sample kit. Why not order actual samples of the products so that they can try them at the same time. We offer this as well. We offer the highest profits in the fundraising industry. We understand how to help groups get them up and running. 90% of sample order for product that we send to groups result in fundraising approval 90% of the time. It's great to talk about products, but when groups and committees see and taste the products they realize how good they are and that the people purchasing these fundraising products will truly enjoy the experience and want to get them every year. 


Call us now 1.888.695.2546

Some of the groups we help:

soccer fundraising      football fundraising             baseball fundraising  cheer fundraising          cheerleading fundraising  basketball fundraising    hockey fundraising                  band fundraising          bingo fundraising Church Fundraiser  Dance fundraising  elementary school fundraising     prom fundraising    Girls basketball fundraising     high school fundraising      holiday fundraising        School fundraising             Ringuette fundraising    Scouts Fundraising             Softball fundraising  Track Fundraising               University Fundraising  Varsity Fundraising        Volleyball fundraising   Wrestling Fundraising                      Youth Group Fundraising        Top Fundraisers  PTA Fundraisers  PTA Fundraising   Booster Fundraiser  PTO Fundraising  Fundraisers  Fundraising help fundraise

Do you need help with your teams fundraising, want a fundraiser that works well. We can be your source. We have provided successful team fundraising for many years and know we can help you. Our fundraisers have proven to have worked well for you based on the testimonials we receive and feedback we get from coaches and managers.


It doesn’t matter  if you need to raise $500, $1000, $1,500, $2000, $2500 or even $10,000 our fundraising success with scratch cards makes it easy for you and your team. This is a fundraiser that kids love. Which makes it even better since a lot of kids avoid fundraising and their tired of fundraising. The scratch card fundraiser makes it easy for managers and coaches and it is another fundraiser that actually works very well and raises profits quickly. You have to make sure the kids understand that these funds are going to be used for their jersey’s or for your next soccer tournament or whatever needs your group has. You need to explain the costs of hotel and travel expenses to the kids if they are attending an travel tournament so they understand the importance of doing a soccer tournament fundraising. Team  manager need help with fundraising and this is the easiest solution

Some Success Stories

Thank you for helping our baseball team. With the Scratch & Help Fund Raising Program, our group of 40 kids raised $3,500 in less than 2 weeks. Amazing! I recommend any group that is considering school fund raisers to use Scratch & Help. With coupons like Pizza Hut, Church's Chicken, Subway, and Sonic Burger, just to name a few, people were more than happy to donate a few dollars to our school fund raising efforts!"

 Not only did we raise enough for the shirts, but we were also able to replace our net and throw a huge party for the kids. A fund raiser consultant suggested that we customize our coupons in order to have a more successful fund raiser. We took your advice and our local car wash, sporting goods store, and donut shop were pleased to participate in the soccer fund raiser in return for the free advertisement from the fundraiser."



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